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Harpenz 2019

  • 01 Jun 2019
  • 03 Jun 2019
  • Sunderland College, Auckland

Harpenz 2019, Auckland , NZ June 1-3rd

Details will be at

In short, Harpenz 2019 is a 3 day (non-residential) workshop held over Queen’s Birthday weekend at Sunderland College, Henderson, Auckland. The focus on this one, is to register in time to get the music, learn your part, and then spend the weekend working on our ensemble skills and polishing up to a performance for friends and families at the end of the 3 days. (Note: this is a slightly different timetable to the previous 4 day events) Registrations are now open, and you can join up on the website. If you have registered, the music will be sent out to you at the end of April - which gives you a month to work on it! (Yes there are opportunities for carpooling etc when you register to help parents and drivers out!). Please also indicate on the rego if you can billet a harpist who is coming into town from afar .... it all helps! The theme for Harpenz 2019 is the Music of Turlough O'Carolan (1670-1738) - he was an interesting person - a composer and harper - he was blinded by small pox at the age of 18, and his kindly land lady organised for him to have a few harp lessons (with a teacher called Blind Mary) and then he was sent on his way, with a horse, harp and helper, to go from house to house and play his music, and earn his keep. O'Carolan was not a particularly gifted harp player (there were better!) but 250+ tunes he composed are still known, and more than 50 of those are very well known in the harp world - as he went around from house to house, he composed tunes for those he met along the way, or for different events. His music presents a historical tale in itself, and his music is still be played all over the world 250 years after his death. This year, I've got the help of Bronwyn McConchie, and we've arranged a selection of O'Carolan's tunes for beginners to advanced - each year we try to make ensemble playing more and more user friendly - this year the massed ensemble music has a solo arrangement of one of the tunes for each ability group - so we will also leave Harpenz with a couple of O'Carolan's tunes as a solo arrangement to go home with! This really is designed for harpists of all levels - if you can tune your harp (we retune often!), you can attend! It's also an awesome opportunity to meet other harpists, and have a listen to other harps! What: Harpenz – ensemble weekend for harpists of all abilities When: Queen’s Birthday weekend June 1-3 Where: Sunderland College, Henderson, Auckland Register:

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